Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Doctor Who Scarf Nails
In honor of the 50th Anniversary special of Doctor Who coming up, my roomie requested Doctor Who nails. I perused the interwebz for ideas and I decided to go with something that wasn't popping up - the infamous scarf!
I used a TON of colors on this one and custom mixed a few using my favorite yellow, Gella in "Lily". I created the blocked scarf gradient across her fingers and did a galaxy nail on her thumb (same colors and methods I used on the Star Trek mani).
Doctor Who Tardis Nail
I then used my new Migi nail art pens to draw a Tardis outline (which I pursed my lips at due to the lines being shaky... before I realized we BOTH have carpal tunnel and our hands were twitching all over the place >D )


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