Monday, November 4, 2013

Alright, I'm REALLY excited to share this with you guys. I've looked all over for a tutorial on how to fix a chipped nail - not chipped nail polish, not a ripped piece of nail that's still attached, but how to fix a nail where a corner or piece has completely broken off and you're left with your only option: filing the whole thing down and starting over.

That's the kind of break I'm talking about. I've been trying to grow out my nails into a square shape but every time I've got them at just the right length... a corner of my nail chips off (biggest offenders are the thumb and index nails on my right hand.)

So, I did some experimenting with the Gelish Structure I picked up and... by Jove it works! I wore a "fixed" nail for a week with ZERO problems or lifting. Now, for this tutorial I had to improvise since my nail forms hadn't yet arrived, so I used a plastic nail I snapped off from a nail swatch wheel. It did the job, but a form would be MUCH more convenient. I should also note that this is a fix for aesthetic purposes rather than structural. I'm not sure how this fix would hold up if you applied pressure to it, ie: opening a coke can with the fixed part of your nail. It works wonders for making your manicure look even, though! ;)

I hope this helps someone else out! Feel free to leave me a comment with any questions :)
Gelish Structure Broken/Chipped Nail Tutorial by Gelish Geekery


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