Friday, November 1, 2013

Last night it finally happened.

I've been calling all the Sallys in the area for the past 2 weeks asking them if they have any of the new Gelish Nail Art Kits, and in all instances I got, "Not yet". Last night we wandered into a Sallys and asked them if they had any of the kits... lo' and behold! They had all three!! I picked up the foil kit and plan on putting up a review next week (although it'll probably be on a swatch wheel. I'm doing Adventure Time nails tonight and I wanna keep them on for a while ;)

I also just googled the nail art kits and finally found a description on the NailIt site! It must be new, cuz I've been searching for info on these kits! They have a French Manicure, Glitter, and Foil kit, and all kits come with 2 mini polishes as well as the supplies you'll need to create the nail art. I'm really excited about the foil nail art kit and am crossing my fingers that Sally's will have some kind of awesome Black Friday deal so I can get the glitter kit as well!

I also picked up some more acrylic paints. After my previous foray into using acrylic paints for nail art I gave up, but I decided to purchase a better brand and give it another go. I'll be writing up the results on that as well. ;)

Update 11/8/13: The Gelish Foil Nail Art Kit Review is up!


  1. Hello, I'm still confused! So can you use water based acrylic nail art paint on gelish? And at what point would you put it on? On the cured colour or the cured top it off? Then top it off again? Thanks in advance. .Mal

    1. Hi Mal!

      I think a couple things caused the problem I had with acrylics the first time around: 1. I had bought super cheap acrylic paints from the craft store. 2. I put the paint on really thick and didn't wait for it to dry completely before applying TIO.

      Last week I tried the water based acrylic paint again, only this time I picked up higher quality paints and I made sure to let the paint completely dry. I'm on day 12 and I've had no problems.

      The steps I took this time around were:
      Gelish polish > cure > Top It Off > cure > wipe with Cleanser > paint nail art with water based acrylic paints > wait and make sure it's completely dry > 2 more coats of Top It Off.

      You CAN paint into the cured color after wiping with Cleanser, but I've found that if you mess up and try to wipe the nail art off, some pigment is left on the cured color coat and it just doesn't look as clean.

      I'm still trying to figure out the best process, but *knock on wood* that worked for me last time. :) I reeeally need to write up a new post with everything I've learned, nail art-wise.

      I hope that helps!