Thursday, January 9, 2014

I have FINALLY returned from St. Louis.
We were supposed to have left on the 4th, but due to the Snowpocalypse Polar Vortex we didn't get out until Tuesday night! I should also apologize for all the snow spam on my Instagram over the past couple of weeks. Being from Southern California, snow is an exciting wonder, and even though we spent 3 hours in sub zero temperatures shoveling snow... it was still fun and exciting. ;)

I made out quite well for Christmas where polish is concerned. Tons of new Gelish polishes AND some MoYou plates! I also think I now have almost ALL the Trends polishes! I swatched a few more in case you're curious. Just click on the pics below to get the deets and more swatches on Candy Shop, Am I Making You Gelish?, Let Me Top You Off, and Too Tough To Be Sweet (I'm trying to keep the rest of my Trends swatches in one post, hence the linkage!)
Gelish Trends Swatch Candy Shop Gelish Trends Swatch Am I Making You Gelish?
Gelish Trends Swatch Let Me Top You Off Gelish Trends Swatch Too Tough To Be Sweet
I'm also trying something new with my swatch pictures. I decided there was way too much dead space in the pictures I had been taking, so I'm EVENTUALLY going to retake all my swatch pictures. My Color List right now is SUCH a mess. I've got some of my own pictures, a few Chickettes pictures, and some colors without any pictures at all! My goal is to get all that fixed and updated by the end of the month.


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