Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A couple weeks ago I had a 15% off coupon for Sallys that doubled to 30% off on the 22nd only, so you can bet I was at a Sallys store bright and early on Saturday, the 22nd. I did as I always do and went straight to the red tagged Gelish bin and, much to my HUGE surprise, The Snow Escape collection was sitting there, discounted down to $5.95 a bottle!!
Gelish Snow Escape Collection
I only had one color from Snow Escape, so I bought what they had, then went to another Sallys to find the last color I needed, I Heart My Instructor. I LUCKED OUT and the second Sallys I went to had one left. I completed my Snow Escape collection for under $23!!

We went home and decided that we definitely had to use two of the colors from that collection on my financée's next mani.
Gelish Snow Escape Boarding School Nails
I'm in love with this mani. She's had it on for a week and a half and I still keep grabbing her hands to look at it. It kinda reminds us of a British school uniform.

I used I Heart My Instructor, Let's Hit The Bunny Slopes, and 'Lily' by ENP Gella. I hand-painted the dandelion-type flower with some yellow Folk Art acrylic paint and covered that nail with two coats of Gelish Matte Top It Off. On the index finger I used my new Nail Vinyls. I stuck the vinyls on, flash cured 1 coat of I Heart My Instructor, then took the vinyls off. I did it this way to try to avoid having fully cured polish peel up when removing the vinyls, like I've experienced with nail tape. It worked well! I used a small brush to paint on an extra coat of Instructor - super easy since the "guidelines" were essentially already there. :) That nail got Matte TIO , too. Everything else was hand painted - still practicing hand-painting straight lines!


  1. Lucky you! I just saw this on clearance today, but I only found two shades from the collection still available. Maybe I should do what you did and hunt down the shades in some other stores, haha. I really liked that teal metallic shade, after all.

    1. Oh man, the teal metallic one was the only one I bought before they were red tagged because I thought it might be bought out. Of the two stores I went to I didn't see it clearanced, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to find it! Definitely store hop to see if you can find the other shades! ;) I kinda like doing that.... it's like a scavenger hunt ;D