Monday, May 12, 2014

A couple months ago we took our engagement pics and we got all dolled up. We decided we wanted a retro flare to our Harry Potter-themed engagement pic shoot, and I went and got a gooooorgeous pincurl hair style and a cute little dress and... it was so much fun.

But deciding on nails was VERY important. Since we were going super classy with our style, we decided our nails had to stay simple, classy, and cute. I'm a jerk and didn't get a final pic of the nails in the lightbox, but they did show up in our pics. ;)
Gelish 50's Nails Harry Potter Engagement Photos
I went with Hot Rod Red and Arctic White half moons, while my fiancée went with A Little Cream Please and Need A Tan in a very Gwen-Stefani-OPI-inspired look ;) Here's another look at our nails:
Harry Potter Gay Lesbian Engagement Photos
And some more pics ;) We made the brooms ourselves -- and yes, our awesome photographer strung up the broom to have us sit on it. It was scary. And painful. But awesome.


  1. Oh wow, as a diy crafter, the brooms alone are making me jaw-drop from awe--but of course the nails are immaculate, too!

    1. Thank you! We're doing as much DIY as we can. Often when I see something I get a case of the "I Could Do It Better"s. ;) It can be a gift... or a curse! Our roommate actually did one of the brooms (i was trying to do my nails, lol!) and knit the Gyffindor scarf. I knit the Slytherin scarf years ago. Why buy a scarf when I can spend 2 years knitting one? Oy vey.

  2. Is so chic and elegant the half moon and with your style in the photos match perfect.
    Congratulations!! you are a very cute couple.