Friday, August 23, 2013

Last week, I turned 30.

That's kind of a loaded age, right? It's the first time in your life you pass into a new decade without that sense of optimistic expectation and that's just... that's heavy.

LUCKILY I have a ton of awesome new Gelish goodies to help me ring in the new decade! First off, this past weekend Sally's was offering 50% off clearance PLUS I had a special birthday coupon, so I got the following 6 Gelish polishes... for $20. Rock 'n' roll, baby.

Lust At First Sight

My Nightly Craving

Double Shot Espresso

A Mint Of Spring

Sweet Morning Dew

Plum And Done
I'm excited about that Sweet Morning Dew and the Under Her Spell colors I picked up! AND because I'm feeling super awesome and am finally getting excited about the Under Her Spell colors, I went ahead and swatched them for you. :) I wanted to do some comparisons. I really thought Lust at First Sight was going to be more purpley, but it's quite brownish. It reminds me of something, like a fruit or veggie, but I can't put my finger on it...

Gelish My Nightly Craving Swatch
1. (2 coats) My Nightly Craving, (1 coat) Izzy Wizzy
2. (2 coats) My Nightly Craving, (1 coat) June Bride
3. (2 coats) My Nightly Craving, (1 coat) Tumberline Violet
4. (2 coats) My Nightly Craving
Gelish Lust At First Sight Swatch
4. (2 coats) My Nightly Craving
5. (2 coats) Glamour Queen
6. (2 coats) Lust At First Sight
7. (2 coats) Cocktail Party Drama
8. (2 coats) The Perfect Silhouette
9. (2 coats) Plum And Done
Notice how much brighter my Plum And Done was on the wheel, compared to Chickette's swatch? No idea why that is...

Next up I got this super-crazy-awesome double-sided case for my Gelish polish from my bff!! I guess it's actually meant for thread spools, but the big Gelish bottles fit PERFECTLY and the minis easily double up!
Gelish Case
And possibly best of all... I got the mother of all Gelish lamps from my GF, Mom, and Gma... the 18G!!!
Gelish 18G Lamp
How did I ever live without this thing *_* It's SO FAST. No more 2 minute cures... 30 seconds and I'm ready to go! This is gonna be GREAT for the detail I know I'll want to get into!


  1. Any idea where she got the "polish" case or just what brand it is? My Gelish addiction... I mean collection... is about to need something like this. :)

    1. I do believe this is the very case she picked up!

      I have 2 now with close to 120 polishes and I still have room to go!