Friday, October 25, 2013

So, in an effort to help me get my creative juices flowing, I've decided to take on the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge - with a Gelish twist.
Gelish 31 Day Nail Art Challenge
I'm not going to do my nails everyday for 31 days, but instead I'm going to do a 3-5 nail set on one of my nail wheels a couple times a week. I love the "every nail is different but similar" look, or when people have 3 nails that are the same and two accent nails, so I really want to practice variety and tying nails together with a theme or color. A couple rules I'm setting for myself are:
  1. I have 1 hour from design conception to complete the design. I spend waaaay too much time drawing up designs, looking at nail art pics for ideas, ect. I want to practice creativity under pressure ;)
  2. No looking at nails on Instagram, Pinterest, ect for ideas. I want to try to be as original as possible.
I'm hoping this'll be a good chance to improve my skills, learn new ones, and flex my artsy muscles!
Now... on to Day 1!
31 Day Nail Art Challenge | Day 1 Red: Gelish Valentine's Day Queen of Hearts Mani
So my brain went all Valentine's day on this - and I love it! I used Sheek White, Red-Y And Waiting, and Life Of the Party from the Gelish Trends collection. I also added the Matte Top It Off to the white parts of the manicure. The consensus in my house was that at least one of us of at will have these nails next February. ;)


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