Thursday, January 23, 2014

I guess this is more of a fade warning than a fade alert.
Gelish Mauvy-Mauve Color Fade
The left picture is day 1, the right picture is day 11. I don't actually think the fade is too bad on this one and I'd definitely wear it again, but I did notice the fade as I wore it. It seemed to kick in around day 3 and evened out by day 8 or so. But at least it still looks like a pink mauve, even if it isn't as bright as it was on day one. Not bad, but worth noting.

Also, since I tend to keep my manicures on for up to 14 days, I thought I'd serve myself up as a test subject for Gelish pink color fading and keep a record of the type of color fading I experience with before and after pics. I've implemented a "fade scale" on my Color List and will start testing a lot of my light colors - specifically pinks. I figure this is a good time of year to test light pinks, with Valentine's Day around the corner ;)

Eventually I want to find gel polish color matches in other brands that match up to those Gelish colors that DO fade, and provide that info to ya'll :)


  1. It's still a spectacular mani! Thanks for the 411.

    1. No problem! Thanks for the Instagram add, btw! Your user name stuck out to me because I thought it might be a vague Star Trek: Voyager reference ;)