Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gelish Sailormoon Nails
So, I'm a pretty big Sailormoon fan.
In middle school (which was around the time of the original broadcast, so I think I can be a hipster about liking it before it was cool ;) I remember secretly asking my mom if she could tape Sailormoon for me. Then I remember talking my mom into changing our cable subscription when I found out new episodes of Sailormoon would be airing on some then-unknown channel called Cartoon Network. Once I started driving I was at the comic book store and collected the english monthly comics that they started releasing (anyone remember MixxZine??).

Now that the rights have been renewed it's Sailormoon fever! Merchandise is everywhere, which is fine, but I'm MOST excited about the upcoming Sailormoon TV series reboot (now pushed back to summer)!!! I recently read that the reason there were so many "filler" episodes in the original series was because they were producing it AS Naoko Takeuchi was writing the manga, so they actually didn't know what the story was going to be! I'm hopeful for an improved, slightly more adult storyline with knock-out gorgeous animation. Also, Haruka and Michiru (so help me if English dubbers translate them as "cousins" again... someone gonna get hurt).

So I was really excited when my roommate requested Sailormoon nails!
Gelish Sailormoon Nails
I went with Sailromoon-inspired rather than literal. I needed 3 coats of Arctic Freeze for opacity and free-handed the thumb, index, and middle fingers with gold and silver acrylic paint. The pinky is just a bit of craft store glitter. On her ring finger I used Konad gold stamping polish and MoYou Pro Collection 07 plate. I've decided I don't like the Konad gold and need a new gold polish that's a bit more opaque and vibrant. Any good suggestions?


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