Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Gelish Valentine's Day Geek Nails
Last weekend we hit up the 50% off clearance sale going on at Sallys and I found they were clearancing their Christmas Cina nail stud wheels. I picked up quite a few (I'm ready for next year!) and they included these super cute bowtie studs. When my fiancée saw them she knew she HAD to use them in her manicure.
Gelish Valentine's Day Geek Nails
I'm happy to say she designed virtually all these nails! I came home form work and she had drawn up a whole bunch of Valentine's Day nail designs on paper and I thought they were brilliant!!! I picked 5 and went to town. The poindexter nail was the one she really wanted, and the new bowtie studs were perfect! I also used this opportunity to practice making stripes by hand. I REALLY need to practice that. I don't want to rely on nail tape for stripes. I didn't do too bad on the ring finger!

I used Go Girl for the pink, Arctic Freeze for the white, and Queen of Hearts for the red. I think Queen of Hearts is my new favorite red. Perfect coverage in 2 coats and it's just a beautiful, rich frost polish. LOVE it. On the thumb we stamped from the MoYou Pro 07 plate using Konad white polish. The only one I'm unhappy with is the heart on the index finger. I did the white outline as an afterthought and it looks a bit messy. If I had thought about it I would've made the white heart first, then filled it in with the pink heart to get cleaner lines.


  1. b nailed to PerfectionFebruary 12, 2014 at 1:49 PM

    I love the poindexter one too! So cute and different