Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This one is actually a straggler from Valentine's Day - I completely forgot to post it! My coworker wanted a Valentine's Day mani and showed me a picture with some polka dots and some hearts, so I took that and ran!
Gelish Valentine's Nails
For the colors, I used Queen of Hearts for the red. I love, love, love that color!! The gold glitter accents are made of one layer of loose gold glitter, a layer of Water Field, and a layer of All That Glitters Is Gold. And I used Arctic Freeze for the white middle nail.

I also focused on doing some hand-painting this time around! I hand-painted the lips with Queen of Hearts - it's a nice, thick polish that handles well. I only used one coat of it on the lips and I think it turned out perfectly, despite not being AS dark as 2 coats would've been. On the thumb I laid down 2 coats of Queen of Hearts and painted on the heart with 2 coats of Arctic Freeze. I then used Black Shadow to paint the Zebra stripes.

About my Black Shadow... I have a full-sized bottle of Black Shadow and, no matter how often I clean it up, polish leaks out from under the cap and pools around the base of the bottle neck. I've actually found that the little pool of polish thickens over time as it's exposed to air... and becomes really nice to work with for painting! It's very stringy and viscous, but once on the nail it's absolutely opaque in 1 coat!

To finish up, I found a set of 3 MASH nail art stud wheels on Amazon - which included some cute little heart rhinestones - and I popped those on her nails. I've since found those studs don't want to stay on for some reason, so if you use little heart studs like this, make sure to double top coat.


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