Monday, February 24, 2014

My roommate's mom and and dad just celebrated their wedding anniversary, and as part of that celebration the whole family went to Las Vegas for the weekend. But before going, her mom and sister stopped by our place and let me spruce up their nails ;)
Gelish Chevron Nails
First up, her sister wanted pink and chevrons. I'd actually bought some chevron nail vinyls, but they didn't get here in time so I ended up hand-panting the chevrons! I used Folk Art black Acrylic paint to create the chevrons, then once I had the design I went over then with a thin layer of Black Shadow to try to smooth and seal. I used A Petal For Your Thoughts (one of my FAVE colors) then asked her if I could improvise a little, and I added a Pinch of Pepper accent nail and a couple of stud that I felt pulled the mani together nicely. I really love this one! (even though it's on the simple side for me ;)
Gelish Zebra Nails
Next up was her mom. When they told me she needed sassy Vegas nails I immediately thought purple and zebra stripes. I used You Glare, I Glow across her nails and used Black Shadow to hand-paint the Zebra stripes. I then used a mixture of craft store glitter and Am I Making You Geish? on her middle finger. I mean, it's Vegas, full of drunk assholes... better make that middle finger sparkle. ;)


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