Friday, July 19, 2013

I've been having fits all week, ranging from anger, to sadness, to deep longing over the fact that we weren't able to get tickets to San Diego Comic-Con this year. I was tormenting myself yesterday by searching #sdcc on Twitter and Instagram. I found a live blog of the Dreamworks panel and, man, they showed extended clips of How To Train Your Dragon 2!! I'm probably looking forward to this movie more than Star Wars, Star Trek, Wolverine, Catching Fire, and pretty much every other nerdy movie combined. Ugh. My love for HTTYD runs deep.

So, I think in an unconscious effort to fill the Comic-Con void, I went nail art/polish CRAZY this week!

First off, I'm officially 100% obsessed with Japanese Nail art (check out Hana4 on Instagram to see what I'm talking about!). So I raided eBay for nail studs and art that might help me replicate some of the awesome Japanese nail art I've been seeing.

Here's what I splurged on (click on the images to check out the item on eBay!):


Then, I sat at work and drew out sketches on Post-It notes of the nail art I plan on doing on my GF and I this weekend. Does anyone else do this or otherwise plan out their next mani?

GF's next mani. I think these sketches only make sense to me…

Then last night I decided I needed to go to Sally's and pick up a 180 grit file. Of course I checked out the clearance Gelish, but there weren't any new colors. Then as I walked past the normal Gelish display, I noticed a number of colors were on sale for $10.95! So a $2 shopping trip turned into a $30 shopping trip, and I picked up…

Up In The Blue

Medieval Madness

Night Shimmer

Up In The Blue has been on my want list for a while! So I'm pretty stoked :D

And now, I need to sink into poverty for the rest of the month >.>


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