Sunday, August 4, 2013

After my first lack-luster attempt at applying ORLY Matte Topcoat on top of Gelish due to my cheap, new led lamp (that I returned directly after said manicure), we decided to give the matte topcoat another shot. My GF really loves the matte look and I wanted to give it another try with my new homemade light box, a better nail lamp, and a better camera.

I like the way they turned out!

Gelish geometric Mondrian manicure

Last week I sketched out a Mondrian-esque manicure design for my GF and she let me go to town. Trying to think of manicure designs that are a bit more masculine and short-nail friendly (musts for her) has been fun and challenging - it gives me a chance to try out designs I like but won't necessarily do on myself. There isn't one particular manicure that I used as a reference - I've seen it so often!

For the above manicure I did the following:
  1. Started off with 2 coats of Black Shadow and 1 coat of TIO
  2. Laid down striping tape in the pattern I wanted
  3. Painted each square with 3 coats each of Up In The Blue, Sheek White, and Cashmere Kind of Gal, curing after each coat
  4. Carefully removed the striping tape
  5. Another coat of TIO, cure
  6. Wiped off the tacky layer with Gelish Cleanser
  7. Applied 2 coats of ORLY Matte Topcoat, applied a little extra until I no longer saw any shine from the TIO peeking through
  8. And done!


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