Thursday, August 1, 2013

OMG. So I guess was at Cosmoprof North America and she shared some GREAT info about upcoming Gelish lines. Check it out here! Just to summarize what Gelish is coming out with…
  • Fall 2013: Under Her Spell - I've already heard about this one, and I feel solidly meh about it. It looks too much like a House of Gelish/Shadows rehash for me. The only one that piqued my interest is the mauvey purple.

  • Fall/Winter 2013: You Can Make A Difference and Winter Reds - Okay, I get releasing another breast cancer awareness line, because screw cancer. But the Winter Reds? Wasn't that last year? And in looking at the pic on the blog… uh, aren't those colors always available as part of the standard Gelish line-up? I own Rose Garden… Maybe the formulas are different? Solid disappoint.

  • Winter 2013: The Snow Escape - Oh NOW I'm excited!!

    The Snow Escape Swatches

    I instantly fell in love with the glitter polish on the far left and the teal/blue polish on the far right. I've been WAITING for Gelish to release a blue/green changey polish!!

  • New Ongoing Collection: Gelish Trends - OH GAWD WHY ARE THERE NO PICS!?!? I'm SO SO excited about this!! I'm HOPING we get a sand/sugar topcoat. WANT. I'm so excited by the prospect of new, on-trend, fancy polishes and effects. Ugh, I wish there was more info on WHEN this line will start.
My overall take away about what's coming up in the world of Gelish?



  1. I love this and I love that you love Gelish! Visit and search for Gelish. She was at the show with me and got a pic of the gal wearing Backflip and Sledding in Style. Uh-mazing! Also, I have a hard copy print out of some of Trends polishes...but no release date. I'm not even sure if the pics are of real polishes or just mock-ups. But if I find anything out...I'll let you know! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! :)

    1. Thank you for the post! I'll have to visit and check it out! Yeah, your blog was the first I'd heard of the Trends polishes and I'm SO stoked. I'm glad I happened to see the H&NH tweet that linked to your post!

      Thanks again!