Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gelish Watermarble and Watercolor This week I decided to try something I've been DYING to try: a watermarble with Gelish polish. Now, I've seen people extolling the joy of Gelish due to it's ability to easily dry marble, and while the dry gel marbles are really cute in their own right, they just aren't the same as a watermarbles. I just love those loops and swirls of color that swoop nonsensically across the nail.

MuckingFusser Watermarble
By MuckingFusser, the watermarble Queen

I'd seen a couple YouTube videos showing one could watermarble with Gelish and, this week, I wanted to give it a try myself. I decided to combine my love of watermarbles with my love of Japanese style nail art and I'm officially proclaiming it a success! I had at least 4 fails that I had to take off and redo, but after some trial and error I finally figured it out!

Gelish Watermarble and Watercolor

For the above manicure I did the following:

Ring & Middle Watermable Nails:
  1. • Started off with 2 coats of Sheek White and 1 coat of TIO
  2. • Poured bottled water into a shot glass and wrapped medical tape around my nails to help with the clean-up
  3. • Mixed up Coco Cabana Banana with a bit of Don't Be Such A Sourpuss to get a toned down, less neon yellow
  4. • Alternately dripped the yellow mix, My Favorite Accessory, A Petal For Your Thoughts, and Seafoam into the water. The mixed yellow didn't "spread" in the water as well as the other ones, so less yellow ended up being visible in the final marble. I pulled the polish across the water to get the design I wanted
  5. • I stuck my nail on the part of the design I wanted and kept my finger in the water
  6. • I picked up the UV light and held it over the water for 10-15 seconds, just enough to slightly cure the left over gelish that wasn't on my nail
  7. • I then took a toothpick and gathered up the remaining polish - just like they do in all the tutorial videos. I found this step was actually really, really important: if you just pull your finger back out of the water with the Gelish polish still floating on the surface, that polish will layer back over the nail as you pull your finger out. This'll essentially create two layers of polish on the nail and it'll bubble and wrinkle horribly once you cure it
  8. • I removed the tape from my finger and cleaned up around the nail with an art brush and non-acetone remover
  9. • Cure the nails, TIO, cure again, and you're done!
For the other three nails I was going for that gorgeous watercolor effect I see on so much Japanese nail art. While I like how the watermable and watercolor art turned out, I don't think I'll combine them again. The watercolor is so deleicte and the watermarble so bold that they don't mesh well enough for my tastes.

Hana4 Japanese Nail Art
By hana4, I love her nail art SOMUCH.

Thumb, Index, & Pinky Watercolor Effect Nails:
  1. • Started off with 1 coat of Simple Sheer, TIO
  2. • Then followed with 2 coats of Sheek White, allowed for the half moon peek-a-boo, and TIO
  3. • Dripped spots of my yellow mix, My Favorite Accessory, A Petal For Your Thoughts, and Seafoam onto the nail and, using a small nail art brush, swirled and blotted the colors around until they were blended and mottled-looking. Cured.
  4. • Used craft glitter and small nail art brush to create a glitter line along the peek-a-boo half moons
  5. Used the same small art bush to apply TIO JUST on the glitter. I found that applying TIO like you normally would across the whole nail when the glitter is still loose on the nail will spread some glitter across the nail, and I didn't want that
  6. • Cure, then apply TIO across the whole nail. Cure, apply studs, more TIO over the studs, and done!


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