Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gelish Dreamcatcher Manicure Awesomesauce tutorial requests aside, I've gotten a few requests to do nails! The owner of the gym I go to is determined to come over and have me to her nails and one of my coworkers is coming over on Saturday to get her nails did. In addition, my BFF is in town! We've been spending the past couple of weekends going out, visiting, and having a good time. I offered to give her a Gelish manicure before she leaves, so we decided she'd come over and we'd have a little nail party. However there was one small problem... I don't really HAVE anywhere to DO nails. Honestly, I just sit cross-legged on the floor at my coffee table and do my nails while watching TV.
I decided to remedy this.

I repurposed an L-shaped desk we weren't using into a handy little nail station. It's PERFECT! Neither my BFF or my roomie had to sit on the floor! ;)

First up, my BFF's nails!
Gelish Japanese Manicure
So, I was really inspired by a set of japanese nails I saw on Pinterest:
Japanese Nail Art
Originally found on

I loved the colors, the fade, the jewels, and decided to recreate it using My Favorite Accessory, Plum & Done, and Make A Difference. I like how it turned out! However, I really need to figure out the best way to do a fade with Gelish. It's kinda hard and time-consuming. I think I need to practice more on my swatch wheel and figure out the best method.
Gelish Dreamcatcher Manicure
For my roomie I tried dreamcatcher nails, using Sheek White, Lust At First Sight, and Black Shadow for the nail art. I love the way these nails look! Although it's apparent I need better nail art detail brushes - the more I look at the dreamcatcher the more critical I am of it. I actually JUST ordered what I hope are better nail art brushes, so I hope if I try something like this again I can get better detail with the Gelish polish. Also, I didn't flash cure the polish on a piece of foil before using it for nail art, so that could've resulted in some messy detail as well.


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