Monday, February 10, 2014

I actually could care less about Valentine's Day itself, really. My fiancée and I go on dates and buy little treats and surprises for each other all year, so I don't buy into the manufactured hype. But for the sake of nail art? Yes, I will buy into that. ;)

I'm kicking off a week of Valentine's Day nails with some really simple heart-tipped nails. I'm actually doing these in order to test the fade levels of the pinks I used, so you'll probably see these nails pop up again in Fade Alert posts (or, if we're lucky, you won't!)
Gelish Valentine Heart Tipped Nails
The heart tips are super easy to make with the normal polish brush. I put on 2 coats of The Perfect Silhouette then wiped the tacky layer. This turned out to be a mistake, as wiping really thinned the color and made it sheer in some areas. You should be able to see that pretty clearly on the middle finger. I didn't realize how sheer it was until after the mani was said and done, so I just left it alone. On my other hand I didn't wipe the tacky layer before painting the hearts and everything was fine.

From thumb to pinky I used, respectively, You're So Sweet You're Giving Me A Toothache, Go Girl, Make A Difference, Gossip Girl, and Less Talk. I topped the whole nail off with Gelish Matte TIO and then added some regular TIO to the tips, to make the hearts shiny.

I also bought my very first bottle of Essie for this mani!! Srsly, if I collected RNP it'd be Essie. Their colors are like a siren song every time I enter a CVS. I picked up Forever Yummy and, before beginning my Gelish mani I painted the undersides of my nails. I've been dyyying to try Louboutin nails so I figured they're long enough… why not?

They're kinda cool. Maybe I'll do them again sometime, but they don't pop as much as I hoped they would. It might just be the color I picked, though.


  1. Aww these are cute! Love that you did the hearts shiny and the background in matte!