Tuesday, November 26, 2013

If you've clicked through to my blog you might have noticed a few changes. :) I was over my last template and uploaded a free template I found on the interwebz (credits at the bottom of the page, however the banner is still my own ;). I really love the light colored blogs - they looks so clean and fresh and uncluttered. I also love that this template has a little featured post section at the top! How cute is that!?

I also fiiiiinally bit the bullet and set up a Facebook page. I really, really hate Facebook, but I figured it was a good tool to have. No joke, it took me like 2 hours to figure out what I needed to do. Two hours. I work in computer tech and do web adminy stuff for my job... and yet the labrynthine bowels of Facebook befuddle me every time.
But, well, now I have a Facebook page. I think I'm gonna use to to push blog posts and any news items or deals I come across that aren't worth a whole blog post. :) Now I'm trying to decide whether I should set up a Twitter for the same purpose... or if that's too redundant. We'll see.

In other news, this past weekend I got a repeat client! :D
Gelish Fall Tribal Manicure
She wanted fall colors and tribal, so that was what she got! I used Black Cherry Berry and Skinny Vanilla Latte, with a touch of All That Glitters Is Gold on the pinky. The black tribal design was drawn on with a Migi Nail Art Pen and the gold was painted on with a brush and gold Folk Art Acrylic paints. I don't think I was even breathing while drawing on the tribal designs! I kept repeating, "Straight lines, straight lines, straight lines...".

I also ran a bit of an experiment and I applied the studs OVER the TIO with a bit of Structure and didn't apply any more TIO over the studs - this is because I've noticed the gold colors tends to fade off the studs once the top coat is on. No buenos. I found out her studs already fell off, so I'm going to get some replacement studs over to her. I'm gonna try picking up some gold Pieadra studs. They tend to be more expensive, but it'd be worth it if they don't fade under the top coat.


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